Framing begins

The studs arrived with only two hours left to work, but the crew made a good start on framing the walls. This will be the wall between the taproom and the brewery, and you can start to see the location of big viewing windows we’re installing behind the bar so everyone can observe the brewery.

Moving to the back of the building, the final part of our drainage system is ready for laying pipe. After connecting our new plumbing to the sanitary line (that drains everything out to the sewer) inspection with a fiber optic camera revealed that the existing sanitary line is corroded and in risk of collapse. Theref we’re extending our new drain plumbing all the way out to the sewer connection.

Concrete Pouring

Today the crew poured all the concrete for the front of the brewery. This includes the bar, the restrooms, the janitor’s closet, and the brewery trench drains. In the next few weeks we’ll have one more pour to cover a new sewer line… which is currently being excavated.

Brewhouse drain pad

Finishing touches


Fermentor drain pad

Fermentor drain pad on the left, and the bright tank drain pad on the right

Bar drains

Trenching, Tanks, and more

Now that the drain pipes have been inspected, the crew spent some time refilling with dirt and sand, then compacting it down to the right level for pouring new concrete.

Once that’s complete, smaller areas are dug out for trench drains. Next ,the dirt receives a plastic liner which will allow the concrete to cure properly… without the liner, water from the concrete mix might seep into the ground prematurely.

Meanwhile, we’ve finally got broadband and WiFi!

A surprise call came in today – our first shipment of tanks showed up ahead of schedule. Fortunately Rohry and Forrest were willing to stick around after their shift to help unload them.

Yeah, it’s finally time to let everyone go home.

Progress on plumbing & lights

The crew is hard at work on our plumbing and electrics. That PVC pipe organ is all of the drains for the new taproom’s restrooms.

Hooking allĀ  the drainage together involves getting literally down & dirty!

And in other news… the lights are finally coming on!